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What's your office coffee service worth?

It's apparent that more and more companies are realizing the benefits of quality products and services when it comes to employee perks and their effect on morale.

Starting the day off with aging equipment or stale coffee isn't going to enhance anyone's motivation. Still, there are those offices that don't understand the value that better coffee (or tea) may bring.

Whether hourly or salaried, your company is paying for both productive and non-productive hours (even if you don't notice it). A happier employee is more focused, and by investing in your employees they feel more valued.

Plenty of small and medium sized bean to cup office equipment can be had for only dollars per day, with a lower overall cost per cup than less expensive pod style coffee machines.

See some of the below examples of machines currently in the field. What are your employees worth?


Lower Usage Scenario

Users per day: 50

Average total monthly costs (including machine rental): $500

Average cost per user/day: $0.33


Higher Usage Scenario (by demand per user, or total users)

Users per day: 100

Average total monthly costs (including machine rental): $800-1200

Average cost per user/day: $0.26-.40


Costs can vary significantly depending on workplace practices (Do people bring their own mugs? Do you use paper cups for visiting customers? etc.), but it seems it should be well within the budget for most work places to bring about higher efficiency, better morale, and a general feeling of well being for the people that bring their company to life.

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